Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tron Legacy Trailer

About two years ago, I went to work at Digital Domain for the Tron 2 trailer. Coming out of an arch-vis industry and never having worked on any project like this before, it was uber-overwhelming for me. After about two weeks, I started to get the hang of it. I learned what it takes to work in a real team of artists: the communication needed amongst peers, the planning beforehand of the workflow, etc. Working at Digital Domain was a dream for me at one point in my life, but sooner than later, it became a reality. Anyways, enough of this emotional crap! Down to business...

I was brought on to build the interior scene of the trailer--the white room--which was somewhat of a rendition of the room in Space Odyssey 2001...did the modeling, lighting, shaders, textures, and scene assembly for that shot (it was, pretty much, my baby).  I also did a little look dev, here and here, and modeled and textured the rock formations which made up the mountains surrounding the Tron environment.

It's definitely the coolest project I've worked on. I got to work alongside some of the best artists and learned a lot from them. Overall, a very awesome experience!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Done for the night!

More renders to come! Specifically, stuff from Sway Studios, Tigar Hare, and Digital Domain.

Temple (work in progress)

Started this years ago...almost recent renders for it, yet.

Drum Kit ('05-ish)

I took on this massive modeling project while in school at ITT Tech. Back then, my theory was "model every single detail, to the teeth, as high-poly as possible." lolz  ...I think we all have had our "superfluous poly modeling" phase at some point. haha

It was fun, though. I learned a lot about sub-div modeling, and, learned a lot about Vray (I used Vray for the first time on this project).

I remembered I had rigged this bad boy, but lost the file. :/

LCD Monitor and Workstation (Circa '07)

I have this thing for subdivision modeling. :)

Architectural Visualization

All Max + Vray...done at J. Bullock & Associates...

Another chick (2-12-09)

Wacom + Photoshop, once again!

Chicky-chik! (9-21-09)

Unfinished. Done in Photoshop. Thank you, Wacom tablet!

Landscape (Digital Matte Painting...4-8-09)

My first attempt at a digital matte painting! The clouds are awful--I hacked it by overlaying some photo and soft-brushing away whatever wasn't needed. Meh?...Meh, indeed.

Armenian Church (2-5-09)

This was the first sketch I did after having not drawn anything for about a good seven years. I'm not much of an artist, in the traditional sense, but it still feels good to just sketch away. It was overwhelming, at first--not having held a pencil with the intention to draw something for a very long time. Once I started to get into shading and detailing, I realized that sketching was a nice gateway for me. So, I kept on shading and so on, and before I knew it, I was done! Man, the feeling I got upon completion was quite nostalgic! Thanks to a special someone for giving me the motivation to just get back into drawing! :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's been a while...

Wow, I've started this blog well over a year ago. I've done absolutely nothing with it. At the time, I figured I'd just write whatever was on my mind: short stories, vents, rants, etc. But, I think for now, I'll just put it to good use and upload my renders/animations/sketches--seeing as how I've canceled my old website hosting services. lol