Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tron Legacy Trailer

About two years ago, I went to work at Digital Domain for the Tron 2 trailer. Coming out of an arch-vis industry and never having worked on any project like this before, it was uber-overwhelming for me. After about two weeks, I started to get the hang of it. I learned what it takes to work in a real team of artists: the communication needed amongst peers, the planning beforehand of the workflow, etc. Working at Digital Domain was a dream for me at one point in my life, but sooner than later, it became a reality. Anyways, enough of this emotional crap! Down to business...

I was brought on to build the interior scene of the trailer--the white room--which was somewhat of a rendition of the room in Space Odyssey 2001...did the modeling, lighting, shaders, textures, and scene assembly for that shot (it was, pretty much, my baby).  I also did a little look dev, here and here, and modeled and textured the rock formations which made up the mountains surrounding the Tron environment.

It's definitely the coolest project I've worked on. I got to work alongside some of the best artists and learned a lot from them. Overall, a very awesome experience!

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